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Roller Blinds

If you are looking for the premier supplier of roller blinds for your house or office, look no further than Phoenix Blinds. Our roller blinds are attractive and practical, provided with nothing less than top quality service and excellent value for money.

Roller blinds provide your home with fresh and an attractive design that makes your house a wonderful place for you and your family. They can be the best complement to a cosy cottage, or the perfect canvas to inject some personality flare into a contemporary home.  The blinds can comfortably suit any interior décor due to in versatility nature which enhances the look of your house. They are perfect for sound insulation, blocking and taking control of the lights as much as increasing the privacy of your home. 

Types of Roller Blinds

There are three types of roller blinds which you can choose from, and the types depend on the material used in the making of the blinds. Phoenix Blinds are experienced in offering the following roller blind solutions:

roller blinds in a modern officesunscreen roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds: they are perfect for bedroom privacy or spaces which needs to be kept dark at times. They are extremely effective in blocking any light from getting into a room either at daytime or night. The dense fabric used to make these blinds also provide an extra degree of sound insulation, suitable for home cinemas and conference rooms where projectors may be used.

Sunscreen fabrics: these blinds encompass water resistant material which makes it perfect for practical applications due to its ability to offer quality privacy. It's durable, and it's resistant to water thus making it ideal for wet rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms.

Light filtering rollers: the bathroom is the best place to use these blinds since it provides the maximum privacy you need as much as being resistant to water being another advantage you will get from using light filtering blinds. On top of delivering privacy this blind allows light to pass thus, you will have the view and privacy as well.